Content Management Software



- Facilitate content creation and management
- Control your content lifecycle
- Enable content collaboration

Content Management for the Enterprise

Companies that produce large amounts of content understand how important it is to organize it effectively. To remain competitive a company needs to stay on top of its vital information, and offer fresh, usable content. Having content centralized in a single place makes it easier for collaborators to find, consume, share and publish information.

A content management solution helps companies to organize and make accessible both structured and unstructured content. This can be documents produced by the company as well as its digital assets.

Content management software give companies a way to display their content and control the content lifecycle including versioning, reviewing, validating and publishing; as well as to securely managing access to this content.

Website content management

Website publishing and content management capabilities allow you to create websites and display the content that you wish to share. SEO features are included, making it easy to optimize your website for better search engine visibility.

FCL Solutions Platform provides a complete content management software suite with fully integrated collaboration tools and social features. It allows you not only to manage your content but also enables your team to collaborate, exchange information and, more importantly, to meaningfully engage with the content.

Content Management Features


(Complete collaboration software)
Search any type of content using a single interface - including documents, events, tasks, posts and articles. All your content becomes easy to access. Search by document name, by metadata associated with the content, or use full text search.

Taxonomy and tags

(Content Management Software)
Gives the ability to better organize information for efficient retrieval.

Security management

(Website Content Management)
Access can be set individually or by groups.

Workflow and approval process

(Better collaboration with activity streams and spaces)
Design workflows to make editing, validation and publication easier.